Who is the man under the mask? What is this place? Why does the same girl always come into his dreams? Play Shio to find the answers, for the mysterious man and for yourself.

Shio is a challenging platformer featuring responsive, fluid gameplay action and an atmospheric, unique art style. The game combines a satisfying chain-jumping mechanic inspired by old kung-fu films with surprising obstacles. As the game progresses, mechanics and elements from previous levels are combined into brutally difficult levels that feel incredibly satisfying to master.

You play as a mysterious warrior with a hidden past, using his skills and yours to work your way through a punishing maze of an ancient Chinese village built by unseen hands. Over time, the story unfolds and you learn more about the man's past, helping him find a purpose beyond the maze.

  • Four different worlds
  • Brutal difficulty
  • Stylish 2D graphics inspired by ancient Chinese architecture and painting
  • Challenging gameplay mechanics
  • Evocative and atmospheric story

Yi Liao made the very first demo of Shio in his last year of college as a way to showcase some of the art pieces he had created as a student.

In 2014, this early demo of Shio was honored at GDC China as a student work for excellent art direction. Shortly afterwards, Yi brought Shio to Coconut Island to create a more polished and fleshed-out version of the game. Since then, the team has been hard at work, making a version of the game with more beautiful graphics, more intricate obstacles, and a more evocative world and story.