The Cat’s Planet is in danger!! Aliens attacked the homeland of cats. All the adults on the planet lie in the dust. Only some kittens who have the supernatural power are trying to flee away with planet express ship. Your mission is to lead the patriots kittens to fight for justice, protect and shape the destiny of the Cat’s Planet which is the utopia of cats!

Remember: "Drag & Drop" is the essence of the gameplay! To assign your troops just drag the young warrior and drop it onto the battle position of the spaceship. They'll fight automatically once deployed. Be careful of the energy bar of the kitties since they're still kids and can't last long. So don't forget to replace the exhausted rookies with the full energy one in time.

The reason of doing all of these, of course, is to keep your ship flee away as far as it can and this is your final mission!

In addition, we’ll help you find the love of your dreams and achieve your life’s greatest goals! (Just kidding)

  • Innovative genre: tower defense mixed with endless running
  • Super cute art style
  • Drag & Drop to play
  • 3 scenarios to adventure
  • Combo system as in match3 game
  • Abundant breeds of kitties with diverse weapons and functions
  • Variant types of ships to unlock
  • Upgrade the kitties and ships to gain more power

  • 3 kitties of the same type creates a combo and is more powerful than you think.
  • No wished kitty in the waiting list? Try to refresh it by throwing away the current one.
  • Drop the kitty from the ship if you don't want it any more.

Naughty Kitties, a fast-paced tower defense, is just what you need for a change!
Characters design is inspired by Superman, Iron Man, Spartacus, amazon warriors, Grumpy Cat.