After an asteroid collision causing a collapse of civilization on Earth, the energy carried by meteorite made "consciousness" the new source of productivity among a total shuffle of social hierarchy. A meteor-worshiping religious regime Enlightenment quickly emerged; it set up a research facility called The Ark on the site of the meteor crater in an attempt to peek into the secrets of the meteor, only to bring about unexpected chaos by "going too deep." Now, a band of treasure hunters called Ragtime set out for truth within The Ark, revealing a series of crazy actualities behind all the events...

    Enlightenment is a post-apocalypse top-down rogue-like shooter. As with all rogue-likes, you need to come up with ad hoc solutions in face of ad hoc difficulties and get rewarded for your improvisation. Different from other top-down shooters, actions like charging, rolling and melee combat makes Enlightenment closer to high octane action game. What you see in game is only a peek into the world of Enlightenment; all kinds of clues are carefully hidden over the course of the game, waiting to lead you to greater discoveries.

  • Explore a procedurally generated facility
  • Fight through hardcore battles
  • Loot useful & useless stuffs
  • Survive the mighty bosses
  • Unveil the stories beneath

    Lizard King is a 7-people studio based in a riverside small town of China making indie games out of love. Our members are experienced cross multiple art forms. Founded in 2015, Enlightenment is our first game.