To find his missing sister Sherry, a budding police officer, Mathew, has returned to Harbor Town. As he steps into the musty hotel, someone knocks him out from behind. When he comes to, Mathew realizes he is trapped in what appears to be a room fashioned like a prison cell - tracks of iron chains, bloodstained clothes, the eerie vibe... All signs indicate that a brutal event once occurred in here. When Mathew solves the room's puzzle and exits, he is greeted by a strange man in a fish-head mask. Crazed and cruel, he is intent on toying with Mathew with these antics. The thing that is most chilling is that Mathew not only finds this man's voice vaguely familiar, he also knows about Mathew's hidden past at the back of his hand...


<DYING: Reborn - Nintendo Switch Edition> is a highly unique first-person problem-solving puzzle game. In this special edition, we will be introducing you to a whole new story; every shred of paper, every nook and cranny, are scattered with fragments of the past. Don't miss out on a single detail and piece together a complete storyboard. Explore every corner of a storied hotel of blood and violence, solve layers of puzzles, and inch your way towards the chilling truth.


  • Move about, explore and investigate a wonderfully detailed 3D environment in first person;

  • Collect items and messages, gradually uncovering the truth from pieces of messages;

  • Use items and messages appropriately to solve the puzzles that are weaved seamlessly into the plot;

  • A game that you can be replay endlessly, using special methods to discover hidden objects and unlock the hidden ending;

  • Experience the psychological horror that the silence brings;

  • Explore freely in first person;

  • Brutally hard puzzles will test your wits;

  • A narrative told in chapters;